Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cruisin *EXPIRED*

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I was bored today after we got back from the hospital so this is what I came up with. I hope ya'll like it.

Update on DH: although the doc says it's still really to swollen to know for sure what's going on, the pain he is describing is a torn muscle. Yeah for him!!! Anyway, he's on bed rest until Monday morning then goes back to the doc that afternoon. If the swelling isn't gone by then he will be sent to have a MRI done. He has to use a cane cause it hurts to walk without some kind of support. He's not feeling to bad though, he's got some great dope!

As always ... if you would like me to tag this for you leave your name/s in the comment section & I will have it to you as soon as I get a chance.

UPDATE: If you are not sure how to save an animation from an embedded file follow the instructions below.

When you open the mail right click  save picture as, a window will come where you can place this pic. in any folder you chose ... IMPORTANT ... you MUST click save as type (at the bottom of window) BMP other wise your animation won't work. Hope this helps. Emmi


queeniemart said...

i would love that tag with Lisa. You have the most imaginative tags. I sure hope your husband feels better soon....i hate to think he is in a lot of pain. Take care!

jmoqueen said...

Can I please have that tagged with Jenny on it?  I love your tags they are so cool :-)  Thank you xx

eyesbaerle said...

Best get well wishes!
Your creation is so cute. May I please have one with Maria and one with Stacey?
Thank you so very much in advance! Hugs, Maria

xxroxymamaxx said...

That's adorable Emmi.  Could I please have one with Shelly?  Thanks.  I sure wish I was taking a trip somewhere! lol  I like the way the city is moving in the background.  Neat effect! And I feel for DH because I had a torn muscle in my thigh once while playing softball.  It hurts like you know what! lol  Many well wishes for him. : )  Love ya, Shelly

lisa41076 said...

Emmi, Can I have that tag with Lisa please ? I hope your hubby feels better soon, Hugs Lisa

chillininjville said...

You are just so talented! I would love one with the name Angela on it...thanks in advance and hope hubby gets to feeling better

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))This one is a cute one,can I have this taged with Amanda and Lisa.Thanks and have a nice night and I pray your Hubby feels better soon.

doclove64 said...

Nice tag. Hope your husband gets better soon.

shrbrisc said...

I hope it is not too serious I know how dh can be when they are sick lol hang in there girl you and hubby are in my prayers . love the tags

jibaro6543 said...

Hope your hunnie gets better soon......positive thoughts sent your way!!!
I love your tags....
I was wondering if I could have two of this most recent tag PLEASE
one with
and one with
thanks so very much in advance
I really appreciate it!

jeadie05 said...

I hope your Husband feels better soon ,you will have to give him lots of know what men are like when they are poorly lol Jan xx

queenb8261 said...

I hope DH is feeling lots better by today.  My I please have this tagged with Barb?
Thanks so much...I'm in a traveling kinda mood. LOL

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Keeping your husband in my prayers...I just love all the new things you have added!!! Great tags! Could I get this one with the name TerryAnn...thank you!  Hugs,TerryAnn

therealslimemmy said...

hope your husband is feeling better...they are almost worse than children when something is wrong with them huh?  lol