Saturday, March 10, 2007

Use of Scraps *EXPIRED*

#1 Remember Me

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#2 Adore & Love

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# 3 I'm all of thee above

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If you would like one or all of these tagged please comment with the number & the name/s.


chillininjville said...

I like #3 please with the name Angela on it....thanks so much hun


mrsm711 said...

I love #3 with the name - Tracy.   Thanks Emmi.  :)     Tracy

drb1064 said...

Hi just popped over from cabs creations, your tags are beautiful thank you for sharing them with the world please could I have number 3 with Debbie thank you.
Debbie xxx

eyesbaerle said...

Chris send me over here and I am thrilled! You are very, very talented! Awesome creations! May I have # 1,2,3 with my name Maria, please? Thanks a lot in advance!!! Have a nice Sunday! HUgs, Maria

jeadie05 said...

Hi Emmi have just popped over from Chris's place ,I loved her sig today ,would I be a pain if I asked you to do one like it for me with Jan on it ? I love butterflys ,I have put you on my alerts and will be back ,please visit me at my journal at the link below Jan xx

siennastarr said...

Welcome Emmi!  :)  Chris sent me over here, and yes, you do have some awesome graphics!  Can't wait to see more!


bgilmore725 said...

Hi Emmi, I linked to you from Chris's journal... glad to meet you. I don't make tags, but often will snag them! I think what you all do looks like such fun, but I know it takes a lot of time to put it all together. Your tags are bright and cheerful. I love the one you made for Chris, about change and butterflies. Have a good week and welcome to J'land! bea

fgildt1 said...

Would you tag # 2 with the name Shanna and one with TerryAnn..thank you.  TerryAnn

preciousone25 said...

Welcome to J-land, Chris sent me over.... and I love your work!!  I'm putting you on my alerts.  Meanwhile, can I have the #1 Remember me with Joann on it, please?


astoriasand said...

Hello Emmi Welcome,I came over to visit from Chris's journal.Love the graphics, I will be back often.Keep up the good work.Take Care God Bless.

labdancer51 said...

Hello Emmi,  I`m here via Chris`s journal and I`m looking forward to seeing the tags you design. :o)

Sandra xxxx

rotex57 said...

Hi Emmi

just found your webside...
very nice work....
would you please make this sig tag for me , with.... Ulla

thank you

queenb8261 said...

I came by via Chris' journal. Your tags are real nice.

jibaro6543 said...

I would love #3 PLEASE with
on it
thanks so very much

ikea82 said...

Could I have Kristina on #1 and #3? Thanks!

cherry2sweet2eat said...

3. Could i get cherry on that one please thank you and wonderful work.

sunyruby said...

Different and unique!
Would you please tag
# 2 and #3with Ruby and sunyruby
Please email to

only1jessicalynn said...

May I have #3 I'm all of thee above with Jessica Lynn on it please! TY!!

- Jessica Lynn