Friday, May 11, 2007


Tags may take more than 48 hours to fill (if they are placed after 3 pm today) as I have a very busy weekend. Today at 5:30 we have yet another baseball practice ... I don't know if practice is making the team any better or not! Saturday I have an out of town baseball game to go to with an after game team get together, Sunday of course is Mother's Day ...  Happy Mother's Day to all. Monday is my 13th Anniversary & I have no clue what hubby has planned. All I know is he said he doesn't plan on being around the house. He has even requested we give the kids the day off from school.

#159 Sultry

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#160 Forever Animated <-- please state animated

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#160 Forever Non Animated <-- please state non animated

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 #161 Artistic Eye

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Please make for sure I'm able to send you mail. It's very frustrating to put the tag in the e-mail only to find I'm blocked.

 If you don't have AOL for e-mail leave your e-mail address as well. (This is only if you're not on AOL!!!)

When asking for any tags please state which # or name (located above tag) you would like tagged. If this information isn't left ... I WILL NOT fill your request anymore!!! (Stating I want them all or I would like all the totd's won't work cause I put so many out that I don't know which ones you mean.) I stay busy with request, having to stop to look through entries to see which number you mean has become too time consuming. This is my hobby, I don't want it to feel like a job!!!

Don't forget to leave the name/s you would like on the tag/s.

All tags expire 1 week from today unless indicated otherwise. I hate saying no, but it takes up to much space to keep everything I make. If the subject line says EXPIRED then know, that should you leave a comment asking for this tag ... you won't receive it.

I claim no ownership to any image used to Create with, all credit goes to original artist.


bashamomma said...

159 and 161 PLEASE.  Both with "Stacy".
Thank you!!!

jenag26 said...

Hi Emmi, Could I please have #160 animated with Jen on it whenever you get the chance? Hope you have a great Mother's Day! Thanks & Hugs~Jen

lisa41076 said...

Emmi, I love # 160 and # 161, may I have them both with Lisa ? Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Hugs Lisa

queeniemart said...


I just had a heart attack! You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dont know how much #161 means to me. I just LOVE those girls.....thank you thank you thank you!!

seraphoflove9001 said...

Can I have #161 with Lisa? Thank you. :o)

struthpooh said...

Hi Emmi.

More awesome tags on offer...thank you for that!

Please may I request the tag #160 Animated Forever for:


Thank you very much!

Hugs Ruth

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Thank you for all my tags they are so awesome!   Would you tag #161 with the name jessica please and thank you!  Hugs,TerryAnn

only1jessicalynn said...

May I please have # 160 animated, thank you Emmi! Xx!

- Jessica Lynn

eyesbaerle said...

Wonderful offers! May I please have # 159, 160 animated + 161 with Maria?
Thank you so very much! Wishing you a nice weekend. You sure will be a busy camper :) Have a wonderful Anniversay on Monday! Hugs, Maria

cacklinrosie101 said...

Thanks for the tag, Emmi!  My pc is overheating...blah, I can only stay online about an hr at a time and didn't get a chance to thank you for the Yeagle tag.  Your stuff is totally glad you took the leap.  HUGS  Chris

jlocorriere05 said...

These are great Emmi, I'd love #161 with Jeannette on it please. Have a great weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day! Jeannette xx  

mfawnlove said...

Please make me #160 Animated.  With my name Fawn on it.
Thank you so much.

sangrialel said...

Can I please have number 159 Sulty with Linda on it?  Thank you Linda