Thursday, May 31, 2007


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#180 Bomber Pilot


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bashamomma said...

Could I have Bomber pilot AND alpha doll with "Stacy" please.
Thanks so much Emmi!  I am loving having this to look forward everyday.  Please don't get me hooked and then quit making them for us, LOL.

klgcowgrl26 said...

as soon as i read, that entry i started to laugh...reminds me of myself when it coomes to these people that bitch about the content...sont like dont's not like we're making them look @ ur page, right. lol

ktkamanski said...

I SO LOVE THIS ONE!!! - I think I'll just snag it as it already has my name upon it -You are so creative! Thanks for sharing your joy! Have a wonderful day!

struthpooh said...

Hi Emmi,

Please could I request the Bomber Pilot for:


Thank you very much

Hugs Ruth

rdautumnsage said...

Love this tag! May I please have one with:
Thank you!! (Hugs) Indigo

eyesbaerle said...

Love it! Can I please have # 180 with Maria? Thanks a lot!

pinksatinpistol said...

Love ur tags, they're all awesome. May I please have # 180 Bomber Pilot with Gail on it. Thank u so much !!!!!

cappymm said...

Your Pictures Are Disturbing For A Woman?????????

ikea82 said...

Love it! Can i get one with Kristina?