Thursday, July 12, 2007


UPDATE: Wow ... you guys so rock! I have filled 100+ of this tag alone. Thank you for supporting me, it means the world to me. Hugs, Emmi

See if I have made your name already by following the link Reason.


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My Rules:

If you would like this tagged with your name just click the comment (add your own) link & leave the name/s you wish to have placed on it. Please do not crop off my watermark!

 This tag will expire in 1 week. Thank you in advance for requesting.

If you prefer to e-mail me with your request please make for sure the subject line has the name of this tag with the name/s requested in the subject line. If you want me to tag this for a group then please place all names in the body of the e-mail as sometimes the subject line cuts off multiple names.

Once tags say -EXPIRED- in the subject line you will see a link in the entry. The link will be for those of you who missed this offer. The link will take you to my photobucket where you can look for your name & if you don't see it there you will see a (Blank) tag which you can snag & tag yourself.


z7snowflake said...

may I have my name on this please ~Melissa

bridgetteleigh75 said...

I absolutely LOVE this one.  Asian influences always get me.  :)

Bridgett, please.

Thanks so much!


pinksatinpistol said...

This is beautiful Emmi. May I please have one with Gail on it?
Thanks in advance and have a great day.

nightmaremom said...

love 'em all.. your work is great!

mermaidgypsy said...

Emmi, again your work just blows me away : )

May I please have 1 tag for my name:


ty so much

loveladylisa1 said...

May I have this one with Lisa on it?  Beautiful work Emmi!

jibaro6543 said...

I would love one please of Reason with
on it
thanks so much in advance

eyesbaerle said...

Great job! The light animation is so real.
Love to have one with Maria and one with Stacey, please. Thank you so much in advance.

queenb8261 said...

Very pretty.

kalekinileilani said...

Reason ...stunning love.... Emmi , Sally please and thank you for them all Hugs Sally

cherry2sweet2eat said...

Oh my i luv this Diama please

therealslimemmy said...

this is great!!!
i'd love one with emily please

lisa41076 said...

Very pretty Emmi, one with Lisa please !!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

ut0biondie said...

may i have this one with "Raven" on it please?? beautiful tag!! thank you so much! :)

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))Can I have Reason with Amanda on it?Thansk and have a nice weekend.

only1jessicalynn said...

Oh so pretty! May I have one please Emmi (reason) with Jessica Lynn thank you.

- Jessica Lynn

pprrrr39 said...

Jenna please

thank you

ajsproudparents said...

Id love one with Tricia on it please!
Love your work as well...just finding all these great offer journals. I used to make tags and graphics...I need to get back to making them.
take care hun

kidzmakeucrazy said...

cool mine was already there thanks

cfirefly66 said...

hi,emmi,this is carol,,aka;cfirefly66,i know this is a stange request,but there was a tag on here by u,it was a gurl in a red bikini holding a gun,standing over a man,i have raain trying to find it,could u please help me,i mite even get a tatoo of that,i loved it soooo much,ty,and big ,many hugz,firefly66