Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Inspiration (Mandy)

This is a SNAG only offer so please do not ask me to tag it for you. You're more than welcome to add your name ... the only stipulation is DO NOT claim the creation as your own. This means you cannot add that you created or tagged my work. Even if you add your name ... it's still created by me!

You know I can never get enough of Mandy & for me Dean Yeagle inspires me to make some beautiful creations. That's how this next tag came about. Thank you Dean Yeagle for creating Mandy ... the cutest cartoon girl there is!



chat2missie said...

I like it!

sunnybethe said...

I agree Emmi~I just found a site where I've downloaded over 300 of his drawings.  hugs,  Bethe

redpoppy007 said...

how cute!!!

carolsixpac said...

Good afternoon Emmi! hope your having a great day-warm here in WA.
I have to agree with you--just love Mandy-shes fun and always happy!
Thank you sooo much, anytime theres a Mandy, it just makes my day!
Big hugs!!!!  

eyesbaerle said...

Another cutie! I am so glad you love Mandy too....as so many others do.
I am always excited to snag a Mandy tag. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Maria

carolsixpac said...

This is soooooooooo cute and soooooooo snagged as everything of yours is--love all of your creations. Thank you sooooo much!