Friday, June 8, 2007

207 Sex Ed-EXPIRED

The image you are about to view could be considered adult content to some. I'm labeling it AC only because I know some may not view it anything but AC. I'm not here to offend anyone thus the disclosure before the viewing.

The girl *Mandy* is by one of my favorite artist, Dean Yeagle. Please enjoy!

If you would like this siggy tagged please leave your name/s in the comment section of this entry. I will have it to you ASAP. This tag will expire in one week.


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ktkamanski said...

Your work is so creative! Great job! Take care of you and yours!

jibaro6543 said...

would love #207 please with
on it
thanks so much in advance

mosaicmonarch said...

The tags you have made are cool, I would like to learn how to do this, I  would also like to find out how I can come back and snag or tag some of the other work.  thanks.   email@

queeniemart said...

i like Yeagle too. may i have #207 with Lisa?

bashamomma said...

roflmao and you used MY name why?? lol  Thanks Emmi.

sangrialel said...

Can I please have this one with Linda on  it?  Thanks Linda

queenb8261 said...

Ooooh I'm like, SOOOO offended. NOT!!! LMAO.  I've never seen Mandy before. She's a cutie.  I love and appreciate all your tags/snags. You're great for doing these for us.  I'm not selecting this one, but not because it is in any way offensive.  I Love your stuff. Keep em coming. Hugs, Barb

eyesbaerle said...

Oh yes, I love Mandy, too.
Great offers!!! Please make me one with Maria. - And thank you so very much in advance!

struthpooh said...

Hi Emmi,

Please may I request Sex Ed for:


Thank you very much!

Hugs Ruth

sweetestsin52605 said...

Can I please have 207 with the name Nena? Thanks!! :)

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Love it!!! #207 Sex for TerryAnn please and thank you!  TerryAnn

smittnbaby said...

lol cute taggie!  may I have one with   "Pervette"  on it please, and thanks  =]  

*hugz*  Kristen