Monday, June 4, 2007


# 193 Beauty Within

 This image has been removed for the following reason;


To Whom it May Concern (Emmi),
It has come to the attention of our firm that one of our artist client's (Suzanne Woolcott) copyright has been infringed upon within your site. This is illegal use of our clients intellectual property and avoidence of adhering to the international copyright laws (Berne copyright convention and Digital Millennium Copyright Act).
First, we must insist that the image be removed immediately. This does not mean when you update your site. Immediately means you have 48 hours to comply with our request before further action is taken. It is our hope that this can resolve the issue, and that we will not have to proceed with any further actions. Under no other arrangements or circumstances will Mrs. Woolcott's artwork be featured without a license and proper credits. Mrs. Woolcott has arrangements with other galleries to feature her artwork, and has no intentions at the moment to expand allowance. Mrs. Woolcott is a licensed artist, this means you must first purchase a license to use the work. You can obtain a usage license at This is internationally enforced. Your image displayed is a licensed image, every hit and download of said image is a direct loss of revenue for out client and our company. Over 200 countries recognize this, and find it illegal.
It is our mission to enforce the copyright of our artist clients, and also educate those that may be mis-informed or ignorant about copyright and the Internet. Below is provided several easy to understand sources for you to become more familiar with the "do's and don'ts" of copyright, artwork and the Internet. I do hope that you take the time to familiarize yourself in this area as not to have to deal with this type of issue again.  Disclaimer's on your site does not allow you to infringe upon any artist's copyright, nor is this type of use covered under the Fair Use Act. If you have questions, we will answer those for you. The first two are excellent sources for information about myths and common mistakes and for an up to date "No No or No Usage In Any Form Allowed" list. The third link is a great group source for up to date information about artists terms of use changes and licensed artist lists.


chillininjville said...

# 193 with the name Angela, please and thanks

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Can I get 193 with Christy on it please. Thank you!

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Emmi, this one is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May I have one with Lisa please ? Hugs Lisa

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So sweet and thank you for your quick responses! Could I please have one with Katie attached! Thank you!

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Please make me one with Maria. Thanks a lot!

emmi2sweet said...

I would like to send a BIG thank you out to all of you who have supported this journal. It means a lot to me to know that my talent isn't being wasted. Hugs, Emmi

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cyndelouwho22 said...

Hi, Emmi.  When you get this resolved, I'd like this tag in the following names and "attached" if needed:
    Ashleigh       I hope everything works out OK, Emmi.  I'll be praying for you!!

cacklinrosie101 said...

Well, if this doesn't just suck BIG hiss!  Hang in there, Emmi!  HUGS  Chris