Monday, August 25, 2008

Pond VooDoo

This is a SNAG ONLY entry. Please do not ask me to tag this for you. You are more than welcome to snag this tag ... you may add your name or have someone else add a name for you but please ... do not add that you tagged it or created it. I am the creator of this tag! Please do not resize this baby ... if you need it smaller for any reason, just ask me to resize it for you. Thanks so much. Emmi

Pond Voodoo


dsonney01 said...

One of my granddaughters nicknames was Pondscum! (I haven't a clue so don't ask!) I think she should have this one! Dannelle

carolsixpac said...

hahahaha this is just adorable- I laughed and laughed- it is just darling! Yes I snagged it--so cute!!!! Keep em coming, Im loving it! Love the wide variety!!!!

eyesbaerle said...

What a fun tag!
Hugs, Maria

pprrrr39 said... it....thank you