Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Autumn's Loveliest Smile exp. 9-21 noon

Autumn's Loveliest Smile is now in the archives. Almost 150 names.

This is a scrap challenge that I did for LilA PSP group. Surprisingly (to me) I won 1st place. There were some really good tags made from this scrap.

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My Rules: CHANGE

If you would like this tagged with your name just click the comment (add your own) link & leave the name/s you wish to have placed on it. Please do not crop off my watermark!

Please make for sure it is clear that you do want a tag tagged. Simply saying "I love this" then your name is not clear. I don't know if you want the tag or just letting me know that I did a nice job on it.

 This tag will expire in 4 Days. Thank you in advance for requesting. This means if I put exp. 9/20/07 and you ask for it on this day then you are to late. It expired at 12 pm on 9/20/07.

If you are unable to leave a comment & want this tag please e-mail me at emmi2sweet@aol.com please make for sure the subject line says DND,  the tag name, plus the name you want it tagged with.

Example: DND, Tic Tac Toe, Shelly

Thank you for viewing this offer


rotex57 said...

Autum is so colorful, please make one with my Name.....Ulla

Thank you

chat2missie said...

Great tag, and congratulations on winning first place in our psp group!

therealslimemmy said...

emmi this one is so pretty! i love autumn!!!
can i have this one with emily please!!!
thanks hun

countrycharm45 said...


dondieroy said...

I love the fall colors.  We are going to the Mountains in 25 days to see the leaves change colors... Can I have one with "Dondie".
thanks so much.

blazensun said...

Could I have one tagged with Sunny.

ktkamanski said...

Congratulations for a job well done! Could I please have one tagged with Katie and sent attached to ktkamanski@yahoo.com - This is really pretty Emmi, Thanks for sharing,

my3gifts said...

Oh I love this one! Can I have it tagged with "Christy" please? Thank you!!

lisa41076 said...

Emmi, very pretty !!!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

jibaro6543 said...

I would love one of autumn's loveliest smile please with
on it
thanks so much in advance

and CONGRATS on winning!!!

fembotgrl said...

Hi I would like Debbie added to "Autumn", thank you so much.  Deb

springangel235 said...

Please one with Joyce....I love it.

pinksatinpistol said...

U deserved to win Emmi....this is beautiful.
One with Gail please, thanks so much =)

jjdolfin9 said...

Please tag this one for me.  Thank you, Joyce

Tag:  Joyce

Email:  JJDolfin9@aol.com

cyn4mc2856 said...

I'd like to have one with Cindy, please.

TYVm & happy Tuesday.

eyesbaerle said...

Very lovely! May I have one for Maria, please. Thank you! Hugs, Maria

mermaidgypsy said...

May I please have this for my name:


Ty so much


cherry2sweet2eat said...

Great tag.

doclove64 said...

Wonderful job!

geocachelinda66 said...

Linda please, its beautiful!  Linda

queenb8261 said...

What a beautiful tag. I'm sorry I missed it!No surprise you won.
Hugs, Barb