Thursday, September 27, 2007

Love exp. 9-30 noon

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My Rules: CHANGE

If you would like this tagged with your name just click the comment (add your own) link & leave the name/s you wish to have placed on it. Please do not crop off my watermark!

Please make for sure it is clear that you do want a tag tagged. Simply saying "I love this" then your name is not clear. I don't know if you want the tag or just letting me know that I did a nice job on it.

 This tag will expire in 4 Days. Thank you in advance for requesting. This means if I put exp. 9/29 noon and you ask for it on this day at 1pm you are too late. It expired at 12 pm on 9/29.

If you are unable to leave a comment & want this tag please e-mail me at please make for sure the subject line says DND,  the tag name, plus the name you want it tagged with.

Example: DND, Breakaway, Wendy

Thank you for viewing this offer


sweetestsin52605 said...

This is adorable!
Can I have it with the name Nena?
Thank you!

bridgetteleigh75 said...

I'd love this with Jessica and April, please.  

Thanks so much!


cherry2sweet2eat said...


doclove64 said...

Nice job.

farah2111 said...

i love this...farah

chat2missie said...

Great tag

cyn4mc2856 said...

I like to have this tag, with Cindy, please.

Thanks & happy Friday.  : )

heathermarie3073 said...

You put me to are a tag making machine!!! :-)  And they are all so beautiful!  Could I have this with the name Heather on it...thanks sweetie!!

xoxo, Heather

chillininjville said...

Awesome tag.....I'd love with Angela please and thanks so much

randlprysock said...

I would love one tagged with Lisa!  Thank you!!!!
Hugs and hope you have a great weekend!